Must Read Marketing Books

must read marketing books

Some of us from Marketing Book Reviews have been doing some traveling and working from our laptops up here in the mountains of Rio. While we are checking out some of these amazing views behind us we figured it’s a great time to do a quick blog post.

Someone asked us a question the other day at one of our make money at home blogs asking which internet marketing books do we recommend for someone interested in making money online. Well we decided to reach out to online guru and seo strategist Aaron and Shara to see what he likes to read on a daily basis while building his online businesses.

Aaron and Shara talked to us about four books that have really benefited them in their business and overall well being. These books have really changed many people’s lives and helped them get started get working on their dreams and making money online so they could eventually quit their jobs.

The first book that Aaron and his wife Shara spoke about is a book that you have already heard of but it’s important we mention anyhow. If you plan on being a full time internet marketer and you haven’t read this it’s probably a good book to start with. Some of our workers here at Marketing Book Reviews have been reading this book over the last couple days in between traveling and they are really loving it.

This book is “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss. This is a book that I personally read years ago that really motive me to start working and making money online. This book has really changed many people’s paradigm of what is really possible.

Many people have been raised with a traditional belief that you need to go to school, get good grades and get a job so that you could work your entire life so one day you can retire and hopefully have enough to live off your pension.

Tim kind of makes fun of this in his book and describes the new rich this new way of living your life and how to escape the 9-5 and create a lifestyle that only entails about 4 hours a week of work.

If you could would you like to travel the world, live your dreams and really do whatever you want? Most people can’t imagine having passive income and living financially free. Well we at Marketing Book Reviews are here to tell you it is possible. We highly recommend this book.

We like to recommend books where you can automate your life. Live a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. Escape the rat race and live your dreams really.

The second book we would like to recommend is a book that I have read personally and Aaron has also read along our travels in Bali. We have heard about this book years before but really just had a chance to read it this year. It’s a book called the “Millionaire Fast lane” by MJ Demarco.

This is a book that was really well written. I like the style of this book. It’s another book that shifts your paradigm and mindset of how to get rich fast.

Now I’m not really big into telling people you can get rich overnight because getting rich is something that requires a lot of hard work, failures, experience and developing yourself. But I can say this. There are definitely many ways to do it faster than doing it the ways most of us were taught while growing up.

Many of us were taught you can get rich by investing in mutual funds. In this book Millionaire Fast lane it’s all about how to get on the fast track. Most strategies that people have learned from their banks or financial books is basically a get rich slow strategy.

MJ Demarco is talking about how the internet is making more people rich and how you can leverage it and take advantage of it. So it’s a book we really recommend here at Marketing Book Reviews.

The third book that we are going to recommend is something that is going to be a little more challenging to find. It’s a book that I read while traveling in Thailand. It’s a book called FU Money by Dan Lok.

This is a book I must say has really changed my life. Dan actually gave me his book for free at a seminar and I read it soon after while building my first online business. At the time I was so motivated and so driven and I was only looking to make $300 a month passive income. After reading this book it really helped me with my mindset and I was able to do that within 2 months.

The book itself not only shows you the possibilities of having a thriving business but also gives you some really good exercises within the book itself. It really just shifted my beliefs. I really love Dan’s style of writing and how direct he is in his approach.

The fourth book I’m going to share with you all is a book that helped me build different blogs and it’s called “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuck.

Gary has many books but I am pretty sure this was the first book that he put out. It’s all about making money by doing what you love. How to cash in from your passions. How to profit from your passions. This came at a time when I was very passionate about what I was doing but wasn’t sure how to make it profitable. Gary showed me how to use my passion to turn it into an income stream.

If you wan to make money online these are the four books I recommend to you all. These four books are an amazing start if you want to take where you are now and get to places you can only dream of. It really is all possible now it’s just up to you!

Cryptocurrency Book Reviews? First Lets See What It Is!

The Electroneum ICO is well under way with their site presently showing sales of over 569 bitcoins. Seeing this trend is so new we wanted to start looking into this trending business model which is popping up everywhere it seems.

Exactly what is Electroneum? What is the Electroneum Price and is it really possible to cash in without reading up on it or understanding what cryptocurrency or bitcoin is.

They’re aiming to target the worlds 2.2 billion mobile phone users with their brand-new coin that can easily be mined on mobile phones. It’s been built on its own blockchain and has actually now launched its ICO to get funds for the job.

They’re aiming to make cryptocurrency easier to comprehend for the typical person. They feel that its far too complicated for the typical person to get involved with crypto and intend to make crypto accessible to all. Users will have the ability to control all aspects of the new currency from their mobile phone.

The new platform will use the CryptoNote algorithm, used by popular currencies such as Monero and ByteCoin.


The brand-new crypto currency will be offered to mine with a simple app. Rather than the user being presented with an option of either purchasing an expensive mining rig or sending their ID to a random exchange to purchase coins all you’ll have to do to obtain started with Electroneum is download a complimentary app.
Installing the app (from Apple or Android) indicates that the user can start mining the currency quickly, even when the app is running in the background you’ll still be acquiring coins. They declare that the app will use little bandwidth so will be cheap for the user to mine and won’t require any technical capability.

They’re going to have a total supply of 21 billion coins, they declare this is so that transactions will be based upon simply 2 decimals, so that deals will have a comparable feel to FIAT deals. Instead of with bitcoin you typically see deals such as: 0.000472 which can look strange to users with little knowledge of crypto currency.

One of their main selling points appears to be that the new currency will be much easier to comprehend with the basic 2 decimal place payment system and the easy to use app for mining.

The team claim that they have 2 main targets for their marketing:

Video gaming (computer system gamers).
The retention rate of multiplayer online video games after the very first One Month is simply 20%. They’ll be targeting this market so that gamers can use the brand-new virtual currency to move some of their profits to brand-new video games by monetizing their in game currency. The brand-new platform will target game business owners by using them a commission on any exchanges they create when gamers leave their game.

Lots of gaming business now accept bitcoin as a form of payment. The issue is many people discover bitcoin complicated and hard to buy.
Over 2 billion individuals on the planet still do not have a bank account, this is a market that video gaming companies are desperate to target.
Electroneum state that their new currency will assist to solve this issue by enabling users to mine coins from their cellphone which could then be utilized for video gaming. Payouts can then be repaid to the users wallet.

They have a team of experienced designers lead by Richard Ells. Richard Ells founded a successful digital agency Twenty Years ago.
He likewise more recently, in 2013, founded Retortal has a group of 40 developers and developed a social media management platform that’s usage by fortune 500 companies. Retortal is presently valued at over $50 million.

Electroneum state that their new currency will be a lot easier to utilize than those currently on the marketplace and objective to appeal more to the mass market.
The group behind the currency have a history of founding effective business and are currently a properly signed up British company.
Duncan Logal, he CEO of Rocketspace who helped huge companies such as Uber and Spotify has actually also publicly tweeted that this will be the very first ICO that he’s investing in.

ebook Reviews Conclusion
They have a solid group behind them with an excellent track record. The high token supply might be an issue for some but their point on making crypto payments much like FIAT with a 2 decimal point system does make good sense.
Update 8th of October: The site now shows a big overall of over 45,000 registered users with total sales of over 14,000 ETH and 1100 Bitcoin. This looks set to be among the most significant ICO’s of the year.

Pros And Cons Of Creating A Blog

Pros And Cons Of Creating A Blog

Today, it looks like everyone is reading and writing blogs. Blogs are very popular and useful for many people. For design fans, blogs are a very popular source of information that can offer new ideas, inspiration, and advice. For the design professionals, a blog can offer a great opportunity to develop awareness and interest in their work. At this article, you can read the pros and cons of creating a blog.


    1. Starting a blog is not too difficult. The steps to start a blog are simple. You can select a template from several websites like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. And then, you can start to add posts. Adding posts is also not difficult. It is as simple as sending e-mail.

    2. Blogs can help make a community. A blog can put subjects for people to discuss. A blogger can use a blog to address problems in an industry. The responses from readers can help generating new ideas. Some people will get feedback on things that they think. By discussing together, a new community is formed.

    3. A blog will make people visit your website. A business website is quite static if you are not constantly adding new projects. Creating a blog can provide you a chance to give more dimensions to your website. If you frequently update the blog, it can keep people coming back to your website.

    4. A blog is an archive that can be a source of inspiration. A blog is a nice source to gather the things that can inspire you. You can keep clean your desk since blogs will not clutter it. You can quickly and easily find the past posts. You can easily get everything by searching the post that you need.

    5. The outreach can be barely credible. You do not know who might read your blog. It can be prospective new clients. If you can write good blog, there will be many lovers. When you post something, many people will want to see it. Some of them may re-post it and their followers will see it. The readers may come to your website.


  1. A good blog should be updated regularly. Creating a blog is not difficult, the difficult part is being disciplined to stay and update with regular posts. It should be a commitment. You need to make a schedule to ensure that you update your blog regularly. You can keep the readers come back if you make regular update.

  2. Unpredicted technical issue needs extra time. Technical issue can be the most time-consuming thing. Some of your posts may be disappeared for some reason.

  3. Blog is a reflection of your business, so it should not be done randomly. You should make sure your blog is done professionally. You need to use correct grammar and spelling.

  4. You can lead to trouble if you are too open. Writing regular posts about your daily work will expose yourself too much in your blog. You should remember that your clients can read your blog. You can lose a prospective client who does not like with your activity. You should be careful when creating a blog.

Revealed: The TOP 6 words to use in an ad

Its crazy. Everywhere you go on the Internet, you see ads. Do you click on every ad you see? Of course not.

But, I’m sure you click on some of them, sometimes. What made you click on a certain ad?

Most likely it was clear, to the point, and it promised definite benefits to you.

Let’s first look at a bad ad. I’ll give you some examples.

Make money now.
Profit at home.
Start your home based business today
Get thousands of visitors
Money makers Inc.

They did not try to get the prospect to take any action at all. There was no benefit to clicking on those advertisements. They made a statement, or simply named their company. No one will click on an ad that just says a company name. You have to have benefits. That is key. The person needs a reason to click on your ad right now!
The following 6 words have provided me with the highest click through rates. These words work. If your ad is not
including one of these, or something very similar, your ad is not going to be getting as many clicks as you would like.

Here we go:

6. Unveiled or revealed – The use of these words makes a viewer think they may be missing something by not clicking on it. If they are interested in the topic of your ad, they are going to be clicking on this link. It adds a thought of “secretness” to your ad.

5. You – You must give the viewer benefits! If you are not talking to them, then they are not going to click.

4. Secrets – Simple word. Makes the viewer want to click!

3. New – Everybody wants something new. Combine this with FREE and you have a powerful ad.

2. Click here! – It is amazing how many ads leave this out! For almost any ad you NEED to put this as part of your ad. Just the act of putting these two words on your ad make people actually do it!

1. Free – This is the ultimate word. Just throw it in at the beginning or end of your ad and you can multiply your clicks. (when applicable of course!) Try using combinations of these words to make your ad have higher clicks. The more “good” words you combine together in a sensible way, the more clicks you will get.

Here are some examples of ads that have worked
for me:
“FREE report reveals new secrets on _________”
“NEW ebook unveils the secrets of______________”
“You too can profit in $500 in 14 days or less! FREE info!”
The more specific the information you relay in the ad,
the better your ad results will be.

Please realize the importance of a good ad. Let’s go through a hypothetical situation. You place an ad in an ezine with 5,000 subscribers for $20. 50 people click through to your ad (1% click through rate), and you get 3 sales at
$10 each. You make a profit of $10. Not bad, but not that great either. Consider this then: you write a better ad and get a 2.5% click through rate. This gives you 125 click throughs, and 7 sales for a profit of $50. See how a slight change in click through rate can turn mediocre profits into outstanding results?

I hope you see how important it is to write a good ad! Good luck!

Autoresponders vs. URLs: Who Wins?


Over the past few weeks I’ve tested sending visitors from ads directly to my site and also by using an autoresponder to capture email addresses for follow up.

I used the PPC search engine I sent 147 visitors directly to the sales letter page. This resulted in 0 sales, which is not what I expected. I did expect a couple sales, however this site is apparently not well suited to sales from a visitor viewing the site only once. I also believe that the long sales letter reduced the chance for a “quick sale.”

I then ran a solo ad for a cryptocurrency educational platform and gave a full iCoinPro Review soon afterward with amazing results. I again advertised only the URL of the website. This again resulted in 0 sales.

After these 2 failures I redid my campaign with a 7 part follow up autoresponder series. I again put ads out and placed another ad In the 5 days after the solo ad had run, I managed to pull in over 35 autoresponder leads. About 90% are from the ezine ad as the search engine traffic is beginning to flow.

So, you can see that I have a much better chance of making money with 35-100 leads then with none, which is what you WILL get if you send visitors directly to an affiliate page. You may make money, but you will receive NO subscribers. Promoting other sites without gathering email addresses first is the surest way to failure on the internet that I know of.

As you can see, promoting any business you currently have with autoresponders is the way to go. The other benefit to them is you can continue sending mailings out to those leads until they choose to go off your list. For example, if the subscriber is not interested in the product in the 7 part series, I can mail out separate offers which the prospect may be interested in.

6 Ebooks you should NEVER buy!

This is a new type of article I am doing for you. Instead of reviewing one product for you, I’ve got a list of 10 ebooks that you should never buy, for various reasons listed below. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you save some money.

6.. Ezine Ad Profits – – This is an older ebook by Jimmy Brown. When it was first released, it was top notch as it was up to date. This ebook tells you the supposedly top 35 places to place ezine ads. While some still hold true, many are outdated and some appear to not even be published anymore. One other thing worth mentioning is the ad writing tutorial that is included is VERY good. However, you will find many places offering this as a free ebook in return for subscribing to their ezine, so check around.

5. Million Dollar Emails – – A very popular book by Yanik Silver. It is a high quality ebook, however it is VERY easy to find this one for free if you look around. Many ezine authors have this as a free bonus for subscribing. Don’t spend your money on this when you can get it for free.

4. Autoresponder Magic – – Another very popular ebook by Yanik. You can find it for free extremely easily. How do I know? Because I offer it for free =) To grab your free copy, just click here.

3. Pay Per Click Commando – – Currently being updated, the old version is a solid introduction to Pay Per Click advertising. Don’t expect anything special and definitely don’t pay for this one. As a continuing trend, you can find this one for free from many places.

2. Affiliate Defender – – This one is one of my favorites, and its not really an ebook, but an easy to use fill-in-the-blank script. It allows you to cloak all of your affiliate pages so you don’t lose any sales. I use it all the time and it works perfect. Oh, by the way, don’t buy this one either. I’ve got it for you for free =) Click here to pick it up.

1. Mining Gold on the Internet – – The only product in this list that doesn’t have resell rights, this ebook is worthless. If you are subscribed to any other ezines, I’m sure you have seen all the copycat ads for this product that are shipped out every week in the form of solo ads. This ebook teaches nothing new about internet marketing, and is so over-hyped and over-advertised that buying this is a waste of time. I did purchase this ebook, but returned it within the 15 day period for a refund. Also, don’t expect to gain anything from the “$1,500 in 15 days” claim. I guarantee you already know about it. Save your money.

Newsletter Promote

Newletter Promote is a software package to make ezine promotion much easier It automates the process of submitting to directories, announcing your ezine, and blasting articles. In theory this product is very good. It does save you hours of time by giving you a list of everything available to promote your ezine to. The interface is easy to use as well.

I purchased Newsletter Promote when my ezine was first starting to try to get word out quickly about my ezine and bring in a bunch of subscribers. I used all of the methods in the software. The best part was the directories. The software really helped there by making the submission process so much easier. Unfortunately, many of the links to submit are broken which is really the story of this product as I’ll get to in a moment.

The worst part of this software is the submission of articles. There is a list of authors to send articles to – many of which don’t accept articles or publish an ezine anymore!

However, the most disappointing part of this software is the lack of results. I gained barely any new subscribers using any of the tools here. Even the directories don’t give subscribers. Directory listings are still good to have, possibly more for the link than anything else. The resources included are just too outdated to be of any use and your money is better spent elsewhere.

StartBlaze Traffic System Review

A couple months ago I gave a preliminary review of the Start Blaze traffic system. I showed its benefits to you because it had already started to boost my traffic.

Now I would like to update you on how this system has been working for me. I have been directing the traffic from the program to my main home page for this ezine, Marketing Ebook Reviews.

I am very happy to report that almost 1 in 3 visitors signs up for my ezine from this traffic! That is a 33% conversion rate, which is very good for start page type traffic.

The reasons for this high of a conversion ratio is that this start page traffic generator is almost entirely made up of internet marketers and home business workers, which is exactly who my ezine targets. Mark Joyner created this system and therefore it is designed to work. Even though Joyner has left the internet marketing busines, (and many are glad he did; let’s just say that many of his business practices were suspect) this system continues to work well.

I would highly recommend this system to anyone who is interested in increasing traffic to their site. (And if you are promoting something online, who doesn’t need more traffic?!)

So go ahead and check out Start Blaze for yourself. Its been profitable for me, I know it will be for you, too.

New Review: Perpetual Traffic Generator!

The Perpetual Traffic Generator is one of the most unique traffic generators I have ever seen. The idea behind it is simple, but effective. What it does is combine many of the Start Page traffic generators into one complete system.

The main part of this system is a unique script that is provided with the program. What it does is it simply runs from your desktop when your internet connection is active. It automatically rotates each of your start page programs in a browser window every 30-45 seconds. The best part is it does all of this while you are away from the computer. If you can leave your computer on at night for the 8 hours or so you sleep, you can rack in about 480 hits to your site!

Plus, you can customize the ebook and resell it, with your start page referral links in it! So as people get the book from you and start leaving their computers on, you can begin to bring in some massive traffic.

Everyone needs more traffic and this is one of the most effective, smart, and time efficient resources I’ve ever seen. The one downside is that it can be tough to setup the script. Many people will be able to figure it out, but some might need that extra little bit of personal attention to help them get it going.

Affiliate Defender Software

Many of you may have heard of Jimmy Brown’s software, Affiliate Defender. If you haven’t, then you are in for a treat. This software is an absolute REQUIREMENT for doing any kind of affiliate business on the Internet. What it essentially does is protect your affiliate links completely from anyone replacing your affiliate link with theirs. This is especially true for those ClickBank links.

Just how much is this software worth? Well I have seen actual tests done where 20% of profits were lost due to not having the affiliate link cloaked! With affiliate link cloaking now so easily available, there is no excuse for you to not receive 100% of all affiliate commissions you earn. If you are making 4 affiliate sales a week, then using this software is going to give you at least 1 more a week! Talk about an easy way to increase profits!

I’d also like to point out one aspect of affiliate link cloaking that is not always talked about. When you place an add with a cloaked site, your link now advertises your domain! For example, instead of They will see something such as Consider this then, if a visitor likes what they see on the affiliate page, and they take a look at the URL in the browser window, they just might remove the “affiliatepage1.html” and head over to your home page! If you have another product sold there, your commissions can increase even more!

After all that information, I’m sure you realize you can’t be without Affiliate Defender software for another minute. And I totally agree with you, you must start using this right away. The only thing holding you back might be its cost. Well, if you like you can go purchase it for $34.95 on numerous websites. Just type in “Affiliate Defender” into Google and you will get tons of sites that sell it.

However, I know funds might not be available for it now. (perhaps your commissions are being stolen?!) So I have arranged for you to get it for FREE. Yes, totally, completely free. Download it here.