Revealed: The TOP 6 words to use in an ad

Its crazy. Everywhere you go on the Internet, you see ads. Do you click on every ad you see? Of course not.

But, I’m sure you click on some of them, sometimes. What made you click on a certain ad?

Most likely it was clear, to the point, and it promised definite benefits to you.

Let’s first look at a bad ad. I’ll give you some examples.

Make money now.
Profit at home.
Start your home based business today
Get thousands of visitors
Money makers Inc.

They did not try to get the prospect to take any action at all. There was no benefit to clicking on those advertisements. They made a statement, or simply named their company. No one will click on an ad that just says a company name. You have to have benefits. That is key. The person needs a reason to click on your ad right now!
The following 6 words have provided me with the highest click through rates. These words work. If your ad is not
including one of these, or something very similar, your ad is not going to be getting as many clicks as you would like.

Here we go:

6. Unveiled or revealed – The use of these words makes a viewer think they may be missing something by not clicking on it. If they are interested in the topic of your ad, they are going to be clicking on this link. It adds a thought of “secretness” to your ad.

5. You – You must give the viewer benefits! If you are not talking to them, then they are not going to click.

4. Secrets – Simple word. Makes the viewer want to click!

3. New – Everybody wants something new. Combine this with FREE and you have a powerful ad.

2. Click here! – It is amazing how many ads leave this out! For almost any ad you NEED to put this as part of your ad. Just the act of putting these two words on your ad make people actually do it!

1. Free – This is the ultimate word. Just throw it in at the beginning or end of your ad and you can multiply your clicks. (when applicable of course!) Try using combinations of these words to make your ad have higher clicks. The more “good” words you combine together in a sensible way, the more clicks you will get.

Here are some examples of ads that have worked
for me:
“FREE report reveals new secrets on _________”
“NEW ebook unveils the secrets of______________”
“You too can profit in $500 in 14 days or less! FREE info!”
The more specific the information you relay in the ad,
the better your ad results will be.

Please realize the importance of a good ad. Let’s go through a hypothetical situation. You place an ad in an ezine with 5,000 subscribers for $20. 50 people click through to your ad (1% click through rate), and you get 3 sales at
$10 each. You make a profit of $10. Not bad, but not that great either. Consider this then: you write a better ad and get a 2.5% click through rate. This gives you 125 click throughs, and 7 sales for a profit of $50. See how a slight change in click through rate can turn mediocre profits into outstanding results?

I hope you see how important it is to write a good ad! Good luck!