StartBlaze Traffic System Review

A couple months ago I gave a preliminary review of the Start Blaze traffic system. I showed its benefits to you because it had already started to boost my traffic.

Now I would like to update you on how this system has been working for me. I have been directing the traffic from the program to my main home page for this ezine, Marketing Ebook Reviews.

I am very happy to report that almost 1 in 3 visitors signs up for my ezine from this traffic! That is a 33% conversion rate, which is very good for start page type traffic.

The reasons for this high of a conversion ratio is that this start page traffic generator is almost entirely made up of internet marketers and home business workers, which is exactly who my ezine targets. Mark Joyner created this system and therefore it is designed to work. Even though Joyner has left the internet marketing busines, (and many are glad he did; let’s just say that many of his business practices were suspect) this system continues to work well.

I would highly recommend this system to anyone who is interested in increasing traffic to their site. (And if you are promoting something online, who doesn’t need more traffic?!)

So go ahead and check out Start Blaze for yourself. Its been profitable for me, I know it will be for you, too.