6 Ebooks you should NEVER buy!

This is a new type of article I am doing for you. Instead of reviewing one product for you, I’ve got a list of 10 ebooks that you should never buy, for various reasons listed below. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you save some money.

6.. Ezine Ad Profits – http://www.ebooks-made-easy.com/ezineads.htm – This is an older ebook by Jimmy Brown. When it was first released, it was top notch as it was up to date. This ebook tells you the supposedly top 35 places to place ezine ads. While some still hold true, many are outdated and some appear to not even be published anymore. One other thing worth mentioning is the ad writing tutorial that is included is VERY good. However, you will find many places offering this as a free ebook in return for subscribing to their ezine, so check around.

5. Million Dollar Emails – http://www.milliondollaremails.com – A very popular book by Yanik Silver. It is a high quality ebook, however it is VERY easy to find this one for free if you look around. Many ezine authors have this as a free bonus for subscribing. Don’t spend your money on this when you can get it for free.

4. Autoresponder Magic – http://www.autorespondermagic.com/ – Another very popular ebook by Yanik. You can find it for free extremely easily. How do I know? Because I offer it for free =) To grab your free copy, just click here.

3. Pay Per Click Commando – http://www.payperclickcommando.com – Currently being updated, the old version is a solid introduction to Pay Per Click advertising. Don’t expect anything special and definitely don’t pay for this one. As a continuing trend, you can find this one for free from many places.

2. Affiliate Defender – http://www.minisites.net/affiliatedefender – This one is one of my favorites, and its not really an ebook, but an easy to use fill-in-the-blank script. It allows you to cloak all of your affiliate pages so you don’t lose any sales. I use it all the time and it works perfect. Oh, by the way, don’t buy this one either. I’ve got it for you for free =) Click here to pick it up.

1. Mining Gold on the Internet – http://www.mininggold.com – The only product in this list that doesn’t have resell rights, this ebook is worthless. If you are subscribed to any other ezines, I’m sure you have seen all the copycat ads for this product that are shipped out every week in the form of solo ads. This ebook teaches nothing new about internet marketing, and is so over-hyped and over-advertised that buying this is a waste of time. I did purchase this ebook, but returned it within the 15 day period for a refund. Also, don’t expect to gain anything from the “$1,500 in 15 days” claim. I guarantee you already know about it. Save your money.