Amazing Formula by Marlon Sanders Reviewed!

The Amazing Formula by Marlon Sanders was the first ebook I ever purchased. It is located at

Let me go through the good parts of this ebook first. The section on sales letters is very good. Primarily because Marlon himself is so good at it. His sales letters are worth a read simply because they are so effective and you can pick up ideas from them.

Marlon also details specific examples of how people have made it big, although I would have to say these are out of the range of a normal person.

The entire ebook gives a solid basis in Internet Marketing without the fluff for sure. There’s definitely no BS in this ebook.

Now for the not so good parts:

First, this ebook is old. It has been updated but the basic content is the same. Everything on the Internet happens at lightning speed and things must be current to keep up. Banner advertising is mentioned as being highly profitable, however you would be hard pressed to find someone today using banner advertising extensively and profitably.

Overall, the examples are just too out of whack with what a normal person could really accomplish. I believe you should hold out on this ebook unless you are really ready to start writing your own sales letters.

The final thought I have on this product has to do with the 100 pages of testimonials. That is for sure a lot of good comments, and all of them are “real.” That is, they are from real people who have purchased the product. They are not necessarily true statements on behalf of the person who wrote them. My reasoning for this is, 2 weeks after you order the product, you get a follow up email which offers you a free product (not available elsewhere) if you, in return, send them a testimonial.

Please note that this is what happened when I purchased it, and it could change at any time how they operate this.

Now I would have no problem if 2 weeks later they simply asked for a testimonial. But, unfortunately, I believe the offer of a free product has people simply making up a simple comment to get the free info. I also believe that the vast majority of the testimonials are from people who have barely begun to use (if at all) the things mentioned in the ebook. 2 weeks is hardly enough time to see results for most people.

My only point with the testimonial part is to help you realize:
1) How they got so many
2) How they could be misleading