Gary Shawkey’s Secrets Reviewed!

Gary Shawkey’s Secrets is perhaps misnamed – it has nothing to
do with the person of Gary Shawkey! He is only the interviewer
of this ebook, with the interviewee being Brian Garvin who I know
many of you have heard of. If you haven’t then just know that he
is one of the most successful if not THE most successful internet
affiliate marketer in the world.

The course begins with Brian detailing how he started making
money online – which of course is veyr useful since he provides
a model to follow which has been very successful.

One of the best parts of this beginning part is the extreme
detail Brian goes into. It really is amazing. He lists out very
definite steps for placing ezine ads for example. He gives a
simple step by step plan for making money in ANY program.

The guidelines for promoting a program, especially via ezines,
is really above and beyond anything I’ve seen. Brian really shows
what actually works.

The next section deals with “newbie” questions. If you are new
to internet/affiliate marketing, I really believe that you cannot
miss this part. Brian lays out so much valuable information here
its simply jaw-dropping.

What really surprises me in this ebook is the lack of hype and in
its place the amount of genuine information. This is not a short
ebook, however it has more useful information on affiliate
marketing than anywhere else.

If you are looking for a step by step action guide to making
BIG money with affiliate programs, than Brian’s program cannot be beat.