Must Read Marketing Books

must read marketing books

Some of us from Marketing Book Reviews have been doing some traveling and working from our laptops up here in the mountains of Rio. While we are checking out some of these amazing views behind us we figured it’s a great time to do a quick blog post.

Someone asked us a question the other day at one of our make money at home blogs asking which internet marketing books do we recommend for someone interested in making money online. Well we decided to reach out to online guru and seo strategist Aaron and Shara to see what he likes to read on a daily basis while building his online businesses.

Aaron and Shara talked to us about four books that have really benefited them in their business and overall well being. These books have really changed many people’s lives and helped them get started get working on their dreams and making money online so they could eventually quit their jobs.

The first book that Aaron and his wife Shara spoke about is a book that you have already heard of but it’s important we mention anyhow. If you plan on being a full time internet marketer and you haven’t read this it’s probably a good book to start with. Some of our workers here at Marketing Book Reviews have been reading this book over the last couple days in between traveling and they are really loving it.

This book is “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss. This is a book that I personally read years ago that really motive me to start working and making money online. This book has really changed many people’s paradigm of what is really possible.

Many people have been raised with a traditional belief that you need to go to school, get good grades and get a job so that you could work your entire life so one day you can retire and hopefully have enough to live off your pension.

Tim kind of makes fun of this in his book and describes the new rich this new way of living your life and how to escape the 9-5 and create a lifestyle that only entails about 4 hours a week of work.

If you could would you like to travel the world, live your dreams and really do whatever you want? Most people can’t imagine having passive income and living financially free. Well we at Marketing Book Reviews are here to tell you it is possible. We highly recommend this book.

We like to recommend books where you can automate your life. Live a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. Escape the rat race and live your dreams really.

The second book we would like to recommend is a book that I have read personally and Aaron has also read along our travels in Bali. We have heard about this book years before but really just had a chance to read it this year. It’s a book called the “Millionaire Fast lane” by MJ Demarco.

This is a book that was really well written. I like the style of this book. It’s another book that shifts your paradigm and mindset of how to get rich fast.

Now I’m not really big into telling people you can get rich overnight because getting rich is something that requires a lot of hard work, failures, experience and developing yourself. But I can say this. There are definitely many ways to do it faster than doing it the ways most of us were taught while growing up.

Many of us were taught you can get rich by investing in mutual funds. In this book Millionaire Fast lane it’s all about how to get on the fast track. Most strategies that people have learned from their banks or financial books is basically a get rich slow strategy.

MJ Demarco is talking about how the internet is making more people rich and how you can leverage it and take advantage of it. So it’s a book we really recommend here at Marketing Book Reviews.

The third book that we are going to recommend is something that is going to be a little more challenging to find. It’s a book that I read while traveling in Thailand. It’s a book called FU Money by Dan Lok.

This is a book I must say has really changed my life. Dan actually gave me his book for free at a seminar and I read it soon after while building my first online business. At the time I was so motivated and so driven and I was only looking to make $300 a month passive income. After reading this book it really helped me with my mindset and I was able to do that within 2 months.

The book itself not only shows you the possibilities of having a thriving business but also gives you some really good exercises within the book itself. It really just shifted my beliefs. I really love Dan’s style of writing and how direct he is in his approach.

The fourth book I’m going to share with you all is a book that helped me build different blogs and it’s called “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuck.

Gary has many books but I am pretty sure this was the first book that he put out. It’s all about making money by doing what you love. How to cash in from your passions. How to profit from your passions. This came at a time when I was very passionate about what I was doing but wasn’t sure how to make it profitable. Gary showed me how to use my passion to turn it into an income stream.

If you wan to make money online these are the four books I recommend to you all. These four books are an amazing start if you want to take where you are now and get to places you can only dream of. It really is all possible now it’s just up to you!