Newsletter Promote

Newletter Promote is a software package to make ezine promotion much easier It automates the process of submitting to directories, announcing your ezine, and blasting articles. In theory this product is very good. It does save you hours of time by giving you a list of everything available to promote your ezine to. The interface is easy to use as well.

I purchased Newsletter Promote when my ezine was first starting to try to get word out quickly about my ezine and bring in a bunch of subscribers. I used all of the methods in the software. The best part was the directories. The software really helped there by making the submission process so much easier. Unfortunately, many of the links to submit are broken which is really the story of this product as I’ll get to in a moment.

The worst part of this software is the submission of articles. There is a list of authors to send articles to – many of which don’t accept articles or publish an ezine anymore!

However, the most disappointing part of this software is the lack of results. I gained barely any new subscribers using any of the tools here. Even the directories don’t give subscribers. Directory listings are still good to have, possibly more for the link than anything else. The resources included are just too outdated to be of any use and your money is better spent elsewhere.