Autoresponders vs. URLs: Who Wins?


Over the past few weeks I’ve tested sending visitors from ads directly to my site and also by using an autoresponder to capture email addresses for follow up.

I used the PPC search engine I sent 147 visitors directly to the sales letter page. This resulted in 0 sales, which is not what I expected. I did expect a couple sales, however this site is apparently not well suited to sales from a visitor viewing the site only once. I also believe that the long sales letter reduced the chance for a “quick sale.”

I then ran a solo ad for a cryptocurrency educational platform and gave a full iCoinPro Review soon afterward with amazing results. I again advertised only the URL of the website. This again resulted in 0 sales.

After these 2 failures I redid my campaign with a 7 part follow up autoresponder series. I again put ads out and placed another ad In the 5 days after the solo ad had run, I managed to pull in over 35 autoresponder leads. About 90% are from the ezine ad as the search engine traffic is beginning to flow.

So, you can see that I have a much better chance of making money with 35-100 leads then with none, which is what you WILL get if you send visitors directly to an affiliate page. You may make money, but you will receive NO subscribers. Promoting other sites without gathering email addresses first is the surest way to failure on the internet that I know of.

As you can see, promoting any business you currently have with autoresponders is the way to go. The other benefit to them is you can continue sending mailings out to those leads until they choose to go off your list. For example, if the subscriber is not interested in the product in the 7 part series, I can mail out separate offers which the prospect may be interested in.