Pros And Cons Of Creating A Blog

Pros And Cons Of Creating A Blog

Today, it looks like everyone is reading and writing blogs. Blogs are very popular and useful for many people. For design fans, blogs are a very popular source of information that can offer new ideas, inspiration, and advice. For the design professionals, a blog can offer a great opportunity to develop awareness and interest in their work. At this article, you can read the pros and cons of creating a blog.


    1. Starting a blog is not too difficult. The steps to start a blog are simple. You can select a template from several websites like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. And then, you can start to add posts. Adding posts is also not difficult. It is as simple as sending e-mail.

    2. Blogs can help make a community. A blog can put subjects for people to discuss. A blogger can use a blog to address problems in an industry. The responses from readers can help generating new ideas. Some people will get feedback on things that they think. By discussing together, a new community is formed.

    3. A blog will make people visit your website. A business website is quite static if you are not constantly adding new projects. Creating a blog can provide you a chance to give more dimensions to your website. If you frequently update the blog, it can keep people coming back to your website.

    4. A blog is an archive that can be a source of inspiration. A blog is a nice source to gather the things that can inspire you. You can keep clean your desk since blogs will not clutter it. You can quickly and easily find the past posts. You can easily get everything by searching the post that you need.

    5. The outreach can be barely credible. You do not know who might read your blog. It can be prospective new clients. If you can write good blog, there will be many lovers. When you post something, many people will want to see it. Some of them may re-post it and their followers will see it. The readers may come to your website.


  1. A good blog should be updated regularly. Creating a blog is not difficult, the difficult part is being disciplined to stay and update with regular posts. It should be a commitment. You need to make a schedule to ensure that you update your blog regularly. You can keep the readers come back if you make regular update.

  2. Unpredicted technical issue needs extra time. Technical issue can be the most time-consuming thing. Some of your posts may be disappeared for some reason.

  3. Blog is a reflection of your business, so it should not be done randomly. You should make sure your blog is done professionally. You need to use correct grammar and spelling.

  4. You can lead to trouble if you are too open. Writing regular posts about your daily work will expose yourself too much in your blog. You should remember that your clients can read your blog. You can lose a prospective client who does not like with your activity. You should be careful when creating a blog.