The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth – by Stephen Pierce

This is an ebook with a little over 200 pages of pure information. This ebook was released December 1, 2002, so it is very new. All of the information is extremely up to date, you will find no references to outdated sources.

The first fourth of the ebook concentrates on debunking popular internet myths, including the mass psychology that is happening which you may know nothing about.

The next part discusses the truths about ezine advertising, and owning your own opt-in list.

After that comes a significant section on how Stephen brings in over $30,000 a month. It details how he brought in $47,000 selling 965 copies of an ebook in 49 days. He shows you the letters he used and exactly how he did it. He then goes into the best way to bring in consistent income every month.

The next part is the best in the entire ebook. He shows you how to get top 10 search engine rankings (primarily in Google!) completely ethically and effectively. There is a template included which you simply type in your keywords and phrases and you get a search engine customized page. (Which by the way has been proven to work every time for top 10 positions in Google)

Now Smart Pages have received a lot of talk. Some people report that their sites have been banned for using them – others report fantastic results. This is one of those things that you will need to try for yourself. It may work extremely well for you, or it may result in your site being banned from Google. You have been warned.

The last part of the book has some miscellaneous tactics that are quite effective and I am already seeing results from them.

One of the bonuses is Stephen’s personal reviews of about 70 of the best internet marketing ebooks, private sites, and software. Although his reviews are short and don’t really go into depth, they give the thumbs up or thumbs down for many of the big name products. Some of the products are so old that no one should really be considering purchasing them anyway, but he has reviews for basically everything he owns. The other good point is that I have not reviewed many of the products in this ezine that he has. These reviews are a perfect complement to the reviews you get here that are of new products. He covers every big name course in one book.

Overall, I highly recommend this ebook as it gives everyone a full update on the current internet marketing scene, and the search engine template could be worth its weight in gold. You can check out the Whole Truth here.